Appointments & Demos

Need your product to sell itself?

The SaaS Group can do the next best thing – either execute the demonstrations on your behalf, or facilitate and schedule demos for your sales team.

Demo Execution:

The SaaS Group’s senior staff have years of experience selling software solutions and can execute these demos and close deals on your behalf, leaving you to focus on the development of your product and satisfaction of your customers.  Or, if you’ve already got a great sales team who can handle demos…

Appointment Setting:

The SaaS Group will present new appointments on a silver platter.  Taking care of everything from the generation of the prospect list, through the cold calling to open the door, nurture and qualify the prospect and finally set the appointment for you.  We then provide you with all the relevant background information, extend the calendar invitations and update the CRM and reports are you prefer.

Could your sales team use a few extra high quality appointments each week? If so, let’s chat.